Minou’s FenghuaZ Dress Bodyslide

Minou FenghuaZ Dress CBBE TBBP Bodyslide 16 Colors


HDT High Heels & HDT Physics

TBBP Skeleton


All Craftable


Type Help fenghua in console to get ID


Minou FenghuaZ Dress CBBE TBBP Bodyslide 16 Colors Normal Version

Minou FenghuaZ Dress CBBE TBBP Bodyslide 16 Colors Oily Version


Categories:   Bodyslide TBBP/HDT, Minoumimi, Skyrim Armors


  • Minoumimi

    Posted: July 18, 2015 06:21


    Starting to work on all bikini mods now =3 2 of them should be fairly quick, but Bikini trouble pack with 120 colors will take me forever also swimsuits leotards Working has fast has i can to bring everything back up and updated =3 Sorry about the Race, but until i am finished i cannot really finish it Not only would i need a complete skyrim reinstall to make sure its 100% functional which i cannot do right now or atleaaast that i finish to reupload all my armors to be able to focus on the race for 2 weeks, So it will not be until next month for sure
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: July 18, 2015 21:54


    Ok so gona put all remaining Bikini's into 1 collection to save space and clean up and add moar stuff and change bips i will put tops on Bip #46 and Bottoms on Bip #49 So Now you guys will have to generate the proper body size armors in bodyslide, unless you are using the one i always release by default, which i doubt =3 But atleast now that will make them equippable with alot of armors so if u got a dress with no panties thats on the Body Biped, these will work Figured if i leave them on Body eventually people gona complain they wanna compile them sooo before qq i pewpewed But ya this might take all week there is a shiiiiit tooon of them and i was already starting when i got this collection idea O_o so have to rename some folders and rellocate all path i had done good thing i wasnt so far in CK But ya Bikini Trouble is the one that will take forever, there is 40+ colors so 40 top 40 bottoms and i know i will be adding colors lol so this might turn out the be a 200+ bikini colors package
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: July 18, 2015 22:06


    i will leave aradia bikini has it is since it is already done and omg i am working my ass off already But hmmmm think this will be a mighty Swimwear package, ill put leotards in it has well Bikini trouble,layer,tropical,tropic and i have one i never released i think somewhere in my hoarding i won't make them craftable for sure if not it will take me 5 more days xD Where should i put the container? Whiterun? or anyone has an idea of a Beach location in skyrim? xD if only i had time to make my store already... i could put everything in there But i never have time to play the game so i dont know locations of where i could set one up and it would take a week to make and baahh Where should i put container =3