Kitsumimi The Kitsune Priestess 7B + CBBE Version

Kitsumimi The Kitsune Priestess
7B + CBBE Version

Once the esp is activated Kitsumimi will find and run to you
She will Then Heal you and follow you around
If you want her to stop healing you simply have to invite her in your group
So ya if you want heals leave her out of the group

All the Mesh And textures are in her folders
So you do not need 7base Installed
CBBE Version is Bodyslide Compatible

HDT physics
HDT High Heels
Xp32 Skeleton
Follower Tweak mod if you want to manage her gear

Kitsumimi is 7Base !
Choose Only Normal OR Oily do not run both
You can however Use Both CBBE and 7B together
If not just install and only choose 1 esp

Kitsumimi Follower 7B + CBBE Bodyslide Version – NORMAL VERSION

Kitsumimi Follower 7B + CBBE Bodyslide Version – OILY VERSION

This is the Exact Same Thing Has Nekochan
But with Kitsu Tail’s
You Can use both together !
I’ve Put Kitsu In a new thread to prevent Confusion

If you had older Version of Nekochan Backup Your save
Run Game Without Nekochan esp and Save
Then activate new esp and good to go =)
She will find you again

Wast1980 Sevenbase Body
Fizz for Red Blood Armor
xp32 for Ponytail
Deadzone45 Hdt Tails
Greyfox for spectral bow
Caliente Bodyslide


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  • Posted: July 3, 2015 19:46


    Hello. This is looking good, but i have two problems while trying to use it. First it spawns two characters instead of one, one character looks fine while the other looks like some phantom thing (wich looks really badass btw), is exactly the same as the normal one, it has dialogue and all. And the second one is that everytime i get into a fight and get hurt the two of them start aoe healing themselves, but it doesn't affects me. Any pointers of how to fix this?
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: July 4, 2015 13:57


    run game without esp save and rerun with esp do a proper installation and dont use MO 99% of people with problem lately have MO, try NMM and NEVER update it or do manual install, i lost all faith in MO even though i never had any, i always hated that manager xD even if i hate Nexus owner to no end, still the best Manager for skyrim but ya DONT update it Try running 1 esp not both though its suposed to work fine if you use both 7b and cbbe just dont mix oily and normal together
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: July 5, 2015 22:26


    updated missing cbbe skin textures
  • Posted: July 10, 2015 17:49


    Hey thanks for the update, works like a charm. Except she won't heal undead (wich is a problem since i'm a vampire).
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: July 10, 2015 18:23


    Healing is a Holy power =3 ghouls,zombies,vampires,ghosts,devils Cannot be Healed with Magic ! =3 my vampire princess cannot be healed in Aigis either lol =( But ya i don't have time to look into that at all right now
  • Posted: July 14, 2015 04:38


    Hey Minou! I love the work you are doing; not just with this mod, but with all of the others too :). Keep it up! I noticed two strange things with this file and nekochan though. 1. At the forge I noticed that an armor set called black rose armor was added under leather from both of these mods. The armor is invisible in the inventory item viewer and invisible on characters. Is this set supposed to be here? 2. I'm pretty sure this is a problem on my end, but the skin tint of both girl's faces is much darker than the body tint. I tried a fresh install of the mods and that didn't work so I figured it was an effect of using the files on an already existing save. Unfortunately, a new game did not remedy the issue. I am using the normal CBBE version for both girls. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: July 14, 2015 05:17


    ya was her old armor i just always forget to remove recipes Do you have racemenu and racecompability? normally tint errors are caused by racemenu presets or bad facegen loaded but i am pretty sure i fixed those facegen ill have a look later but if not they uses my old face preset that was made using racemenu so could be it
  • Posted: July 14, 2015 18:28


    I do have racemenu but i don't have racecompatibility. However, I managed to remedy the tint issue by using the old ctrl+F4 facetint export on both girls in the creation kit. Thank you so much!!!