I Need support or i stop soon

Has title says i am fed up of saying how fed up i am


You guys have no recognition at all for the amount of time all of this took me…

over 15 000 hours in 3 years for what? nothing else then getting bitched at and listen to people complain

Not only is anyone ever barely speaking. But when they do it is to complain and complain

And have no support AT ALL

i lost my one and only patron today… making me realize how really fed up i am


I will not release my race and putting a stop to all mods until people Start to support me…

i am fed up of being invaded by freeloaders that only complains on top of it

ive had my Patreon page for a fkin year…. and i only had 1 patron and now he left and cant be mad he was a patron 4 months


And what really is making me Stop instantly is how there is a jackass stealing my mods and uploading them on his website using his name and stealing all my work and he is getting paid for it…

So i will only do it has i fkin feel like doing it from now on since i never even had time to play skyrim and new vegas cause all i ever did is do mods for you cheap freeloaders



Support me or forget about me once BNS comes out. Since ill be putting all my time there. unless i can mod BNS xD

i will still do stuff but might be an armor every 1 or 2 months if you want me to go back to normal pace well u know what to do…



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  • Posted: January 1, 2016 21:33


    Hey Minou, its sad to see this, I really appreciate your hard work and I've learned a lot from you and your mods. I think you have some problems trying to use a $13/month pay structure. Razor Thorn Armor released 23.07.15 and Youlan Armor released 12.12.15. That's 5 months of no content in between. Maybe you were doing FO or NV or something else, I don't know, but since I only follow your skyrim mods, so I see a 5 month gap. Now, let's say you released at least 1 new 'mod' every month. That would be like paying $13 per mod. This is a lot better than paying for those months where nothing comes out. However, what if I don't like the mod that comes out? Maybe this happens 2-3 times in a row and I am paying monthly for content I don't like. I would drop subscription. That's the 2nd problem with your pay structure. Everything is based on subjective opinion, especially things like skyrim armors. For example, I use your armors a lot for the bodyslide conversion, but the textures are often too cartoony, colorful, or otherwise flamboyant. I end up re-texturing them myself for a more realistic look. The last problem with your pay structure is simply that $13/month is just too much to ask from a community that gets everything for free. The World of Warcraft subscription was $15/month and provided 1000x more content. The twitch.tv subscriptions cost $4.99/month (and the streamer only gets half of that $2.50/month) and those guys have to live stream every single day to keep their subscribers. Monetizing skyrim mods is no easy task, even Steam tried to implement a structure for modders to release content behind a paywall, and that failed miserably. What I would suggest you do is start staggering your releases between free and premium (paid) content. The free content is to keep people following your work, and the premium you should charge like $1.00 per download. (In the form of a "donation" of course.) If you get 100 downloads on 1 month on the premium mod, that would be like have 9 patrons. People are willing to spend $1 a lot easier than $13. Anyway, that's just my suggestion. Whether you continue working with the community or not, I hope you stick to modding. As next gen games come out, modders are going to get rich in the future. (Especially when tech like Occulus Rift and Hololens become status quo.)
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: January 2, 2016 19:24


    i used to release 2 armors a week and it didn't change anything, this is why i have been stopping for the pasty 5 months because i cannot keep putting 100+ hours a week into this went i cant even afford to eat. since people don't give a fk and i really have no idea what 13$ thing you are speaking about my patreon starts at 2$-5$ Donations got me banned from paypal because in 4 years the only one who donated was a troll doing misleading things getting me banned for 5 months completely unable to get ANY revenues from the internet And patreon doesnt have a proper pay system other then monthly And mostly if i ever put a price on a download people will never download it trust me i had a shop here before and i tried one of my most popular armor at 75 cents on the store and it never ever sold and if it does it would then be stolen and reuploaded somewhere else which people are already doing which is another reason And i livestream 40+ hours a week... streaming is nothing.. its not a job or hard work at all...it's playing a game you enjoy and socialising.. streamers do not deserve money at all.. only boobs gets it anyways
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: January 2, 2016 19:35


    and dont forget i have 1800+ vids on youtube and muuuuuuultiple 24hours + streams i am everywhere skyrim is nothing i coded all my websites and host all of them and pay for better faster download services, 7000 hours of my work is requests from people that not only didnt get me nothing back but some of thhose people didnt even care to say thanks i been streaming 16 hours a day for the past 2 weeks on hitbox twitch and youtube i do not get anything and that's the way it should be because i am playing a game.. i never had time to ever play skyrim cause im always busy modding it for other people for free thats the whole dillema i am evvvvverywhere and do everyyything
  • Posted: January 5, 2016 17:34


    Hey Minoumimi, Today is the first day i've visited your webpage, and i have to say that your work is awesome! I'm using the Youlan armor, black-yellow right now. it looks stunning, amazing even.. I've never been able to create any armor myself so i'm an admirer to this kind of art. You've got some sick skills ! I'm hoping that you'll continue because i just discovered these mods and i can't wait to see what you'll create next !! Greetz, "Redfox"
  • Posted: February 6, 2016 10:59


    Minoumimi i'm inspiered by your mods when i found your stuff i was in a dark place and thought maybe liveing was too hard but then i saw your mods thay spoke to my very soul thay told me there are ppl who like what you like maybe more so than i do i never have been good at makeing mods but i can rewright code very well so Minoumimi I ask u Keep going for all those of us you have in spiered to keep liveing
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: February 8, 2016 10:19


    glad to hear that :3 But don't say such things, never give up. Giving up on life is for pussies :3 No matter how hard it is we just have to DEAL with it. that's how life works. There is always someone very close to you who has a way worst life then you do not forget that. Giving up on life is NEVER an answer
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: February 15, 2016 15:47


    ill release a new Bns armor in 2-3 weeks ;3 Thanks for support to the 2 patreon's ;3 Also dont forget registering to nutaku threw my link helps alot. Do not browse around though, register directly threw my link or it won't count and of course confirm email. it really helps me alot... More then 20 000 downloads a month is being done... if only 2 000 of you registered to my nutaku....it would change my life... i could get thoe infected teeth pulled out so..fyi
  • Posted: February 29, 2016 17:33


    mmm I can't wait. I'll be sure to take some screenshots for you too :3
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: March 13, 2016 14:21


    Restarting to work on this starting tomorrow =3 Will not put has much time has i used to but due to a few patreon i will now put 10-20 hours a week into this a week Thanks to those Talus armor should be done in 2 weeks or less, i have already finished the mesh so its all ck work now
  • Posted: March 29, 2016 04:39


    Hey minou. I got the itch to take some more screenshots. This time i have my eyes on your kill bill armor. I took two sample screenshots (I didn't have time to pose, sorry). Would you be interested in adding them to the album for that armor when I get a full set of properly posed pics? here is the linky: http://imgur.com/a/LtkVM Also, about to pledge on patreon :3
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: March 31, 2016 22:32


    ill add them if i remember when i post the talus armor soon enough =3 all is done except the creation kit part just been lazy. But people slowly picking up on patreon so they deserve an armor soon =3
  • Posted: April 12, 2016 23:51


    Now that you are moving forward with modding will you be re-releasing your neko race for skyrim i decided to pick it back up after about 2 yrs of moving on and would love to play your awsome neko race once again.Thanks
  • Minoumimi

    Posted: April 13, 2016 03:20


    since i deleted and updated all files when i redid website alot of armors i had already done are still not polished and rereleased and i need to do that first and also convert more BNS armors because i want my race to use only BNS armors and i do not have enough right now, and i added alot of hairs and stuff i need to relocate, in other words there is 500+ hours to be put on the race alone and i still cant decide what armors to use i have 3/8 chosen so it would still be a while. Though i finally see people starting to support me on patreon so i might get back into it a bit more, Still wouldnt be released until late summer unless i end up needing alpha testers =3
  • Posted: April 13, 2016 20:05


    No problem sounds awsome cant wait to see the changes you make.
  • Posted: September 23, 2016 14:34


    what's your patron address I'll give my support